The wisdom Circle Awaits You...

Welcome to the W I S D O M  C I R C L E,

The  W I S D O M  C I R C L E  is a place of spirit, soul, ceremony and peace, opening you to the infinite heart of possibilities and potential of you.

It is a sacred space to free the mind, surrender to the heart, be guided deeply back into your awareness and the light of truth. When we sit in this sacred space of truth, we surrender all that stands in the way and awaken to the love, peace, humility and deep connection that knowing brings. We step inside the self and find unity, balance and flow: the pathways of ascension.

In each circle we journey with the arts of meditation, wisdom teachings and healing principles to empower the knowing self and open to the ways of sacred living. We embrace teachings of the masculine and feminine pathways, the mastery of mind and emotion, offering unity and balance of sacred action and sacred truth within our world.

My passion is offering these natural medicines that allow us to live within natures flow, pure awareness and as the awakened heart upon this Earth. Each of us have a gift, and the world needs all of us to shine. In our world of current conflict and separation, this is how we empower our world, by empowering our selves, by bringing our self into unity, by becoming the vessel of pure presence and truth and the vehicle for positive action and change.

There is no separation between the spiritual and the material world. Every moment is an opportunity for deeper connection and to anchor the soul into self.

These sessions run as 4 week immersions, taking you on a deep journey of self discovery, wisdom and awareness into becoming a magical master of your energy, your truth and your light.

4 week immersions are $150 or you can pay weekly $40.

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The journey of awakening the sacred light of YOU awaits...

Love Lucy x