Hello beautiful beings,

2017 is bringing in an abundance of NEW energy for us all to embrace. This means we now are welcoming the release of 2016 and have opportunity to shed our old skins and transform fluidly into the brand new year. For me personally, the end of the year always invites gratitude for the wisdom and the insights of the past and the growth of my soul. Gratitude opens the doors to create space for new life to flow. I invite my attention to be with the feelings of that which I wish to create and being in the moment, for the present moment is where all powerful creations are birthed.

To create the new, it is important to slow down, create space, nurture self, listen to your intuitive heart and embrace a deeper discovery of what your heart and soul is calling you towards. Deepening the intuition and connection to the soul self is what excites me the most in my work and offerings. This January I'm offering Liquid Crystal Life purpose readings and energy healing sessions for $100. These sessions allow you to relax and be guided into deep rest, healing and awareness of your soul's energy and personal life path. Each session includes intuitively guided meditation, reiki (energy healing), soul journeying and a liquid crystal name reading. You will receive a dose bottle of your life purpose crystal (based on the numerology of your name) to take home for ongoing healing and alignment.


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So much abundant Love for a magical 2017,

Love Lucy x