This is an offering of intuitive gUidance, meditation teachings and sacred wisdom teachings to awaken your own inner wisdom, intuition, and wellbeing. It is a journey of Deep healing and Awakening the healer within. Each session is unique to you. My gift is my intuition and the ABILITY to see the pathways that Lead you Back to whOleness and peace. Together We Dive into the wells of love, enter the halls of Inner truth, exploRe your intuitive and spiritual potential, and Empower you with the tooLs to walk the path of peace.

Personal Meditation and Peace Mentoring Sessions

1hr 140 / 1.5hr 190


These sessions Are a bleNd of energy healing and guideD meditation Using thE healing frequencies of the crytsalline kingdom to awaken and support harmony, heaLth and balance on all levels of liFe. The Liquid Crystals are a natural therapy based on the natural minerals of Earth. They are a path to rediscover, revitalize and recharge your spirit, senses and physical being. They are incredibly potent yet gentle healers for adults, children and animals. At Each Liquid Crystal Healing You receive a take home liquid crystal remedy to facilitate your ongoing transformation and the embrace of Earth healing. 

Personal Energy Healing Sessions

1hr 140 / 1.5hr 190

More information on The Liquid Crystals HERE