I am not here to just tell you what I am, I am here to show you what you are. For it is my wish that in my reflection you may see your own perfection.


Lucy is an awakener of Peace, wisdom and the sacred light within. A spiritual teacher, soul guide, medicine woman and walker between worlds, she guides others into awareness of the soul self, the whole self and the natural flow of self in life. Lucy works with energy and her connection to spirit and soul. Through yoga, meditation, intuitive guidance, wisdom teachings, soul journeying, shamanic energy healing, crystal healing, women's wisdom circles, ceremonies, sacred events and retreats, Lucy inspires the path of peace, passion, self-love, flow and purpose. She teaches intuitively, empowering each person into their own awakening, knowing and truth. Her meditation and yoga teachings weave energy wisdom into sacred embodiment practices through the breath, movement and sound to bring balance, flow and stillness to the whole being. Her philosophies are simple; be still, be true, be you. Inspired by nature and its cycles of of life, Lucy believes all health and wellbeing arises from our ability to live in conscious flow, connect with pure life force, honour the cycles of our lives and see nature as our teacher who can bring us into our own natural state of intuition, stillness, creativity, flow, presence and Peace. With a professional background in textiles and design, she now fuses her love of womens' arts and crafts, creative expressions and creating sacred space with the sharing of forgotten wisdoms, that when embraced, allow us to live in alignment with the sacred self and walk the path of Peace on Earth.

Each one of us is a great inspirer and healer. I have been blessed to find teachers who have aided my own growth and remembering of this. So while I am equipped with many creative, esoteric and healing tools, it is spirit and my soul that now guides me in each moment. When the mind is quiet enough, we hear the voice that speaks only inner knowing and truth, and lights the way to each answer we seek.  This is the principle from which I live and work. I listen, I trust, I feel and I flow.  Life’s greatest gift is to be what you already are, which is love, to embody love in all its measures and share it with the world.

Love L x


Life is love, living as peace, in your own truths, on your own path, together as one.