Welcome to the Awakening


5 week immersion through meditation to open your heart to the infinite possibilities and potentials of you

Within the silence there is a space, where deep secrets are waiting to be heard... an echo of the soul that is calling out its song, an emptiness, untouched yet filled with all of life's potential and possibility, a space of deep stillness where all mind and emotion become one and you are re-birthed in the presence of peace."


The Awakening is a journey to awaken the wisdom within, an opportunity for you to create space, cultivate deep stillness, embody your intuiton and the path of peace. You will be guided into your own soul discovery through ancient and modern wisdom, alongside healing and meditative practices which will empower you to live more cyclically, intuitively, magically, creatively and intentionally so you can heal, transform and walk the path of peace, love, purpose, passion and flow.

Meditation is the art of being that which you truly are. Returning to the source of stillness is the way of nature and the way of truth. This course is a healing journey offering deep insight, the embrace your shadows, deeper connection to your self, your body and the nature within, as well profound spiritual teachings, tools, practices and wisdoms that offer the secrets of awakening the body, mind, heart and soul.

This course is offered through intuitive insights from my connection to the star wisdoms, shamanic earth wisdoms and my lineage of light. Each week you will also be nourished with organic hand-crafted herbal and liquid crystal teas to assist deep visioning and peace. We explore creative and intuitive journaling and sharing of our insights to ground and integrate after each journey. You will take home the experience of meditation techniques and wisdom practices to deepen your awakening and transformation on the path of peace. On week 1 you will be given a Liquid Crystal remedy and hand crafted herbal tea to assist your process of healing and awakening over the 5 sessions along with a journal and pens to download your creative insights. (Note, you need to book the 5 weeks in advance to receive these gifts)


FEBRUARY 13 - MARCH 13 2017


(FEBRUARY 13, 30, 27, MARCH 6, 13)


This is a transformational JOURNEY working with natures wisdom to awaken your body, mind and soul, open your heart, deepen your intuitive language and cultivate stillness, presence and peace so you can awaken to new ways of living and being.  

On week 1 you will be given a Liquid Crystal remedy to assist your process of healing and awakening over the 5 sessions along with a journal and pens to download your creative insights and DISCOVER THE magic OF YOU.


What you will experience

5 weeks of ceremony, meditation teachings, wisdom teachings and healing for awakening your awareness

Wisdom of the breath to deepen your meditations and create stillness, clarity and peace

Shamanic journeys to heal and activate the elements within your body and soul

Teachings of the energy body for greater intuition, vitality and energy flow

Creative soul exploration through journaling and reflection

Hand crafted herbal and liquid crystal teas each week to assist deeper states of stillness and awaken your intuitive insights

Inspiration, intuitive guidance and support from Lucy as your guide on this transformational awakening


A journal and pens

Hand crafted herbal and liquid crystal tea sample to take home

Your life purpose liquid crystal remedy (1 dose bottle) for you to take each day during the 5 week journey

You may book individual weeks, however you will gain more by attending the whole process. 
Your exchange: 5 week transformation $250 (includes a journal and pens for your creative reflection, a dose bottle of your Life Purpose Liquid Crystal remedy and a hand-crafted organic tea blend). 

Individual session $50 (Bring your own journal. Your Life Purpose Liquid Crystal Remedy and Herbal Tea blend can be purchased separately for $10 each)


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Love Lucy x

"From the dust of stars we come to earth, to assist the awakening of heaven re-birthed."